About Us

Nathan Davis has been a long time resident of East Texas having moved to the Gilmer, Texas area when he was around 11 years of age. As an adult he moved to Longview where he spent 28 years working as a rural carrier for the US Postal Service.

On April 21, 2018 Nathan was involved in a tragic one car collision where his vehicle struck a tree. He suffered catastrophic injuries which left him paralyzed from the waist down and also cost him both of his legs. After seven months in various hospitals and rehabs, he was sent home to live with his parents.

He has spent the last two years since then trying to recover from his injuries, learning how to adjust to his new realities. He can be usually found with his constant companion service dog, Prince( pictured right).

Driven to move forward, Nathan started Squeaky Cleaners as a new career choice. WIth a focus on customer service, you can expect that we will go above and beyond for you. In fact, it is our TOP priority!
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Nathan Davis